In its different applications the flexible polyurethane foam is normally used in sheets or rolls of different dimensions and other semifinished products of many shapes and sizes. For this aim the blocks getting out from the warehouse are submitted to the “transformation” phase, consisting in cutting and/or shaping the material according to specified requests.

All these operations are made by horizontal or vertical cutting machinessingle or in series, placed on horizontal lines or on round carousels.

At first the polyurethane block is cropped by removing the “peel”, which is the most superficial part that presents an irregular and compact skin.

Then the pieces of different dimensions are sectioned in base of the typology of the products to be made and, once they are sized, they can be shaped thanks to several drawings that correspond to specific obtainable ergonomic performances..

Horizontal cutting

Horizontal contour cutting

Vertical contour cutting



Compressing cutting