DryFlex® is the first hydrophobic flexible polyurethane foam able to maintain its hydrophobicity properties without losing its comfort, elasticity and transpirability, traditional characteristics of the flexible polyurethane foam.

The hydrophobicity to water and liquid solutions prevents the absorption inside its cellular structure, avoiding in this way the unpleasant wet sensation. Moreover UV-rays resisting allows a longer conservation time of the physical-mechanical properties of DryFlex®. Besides that, the Ultra-Fresh special treatment allows to contrast bacteria and moulds proliferation.


Explicative and comparative tests carried out by the “Toso Montanari” Industrial Chemical Department – Alma Mater Studiorum, Università degli Studi of Bologna, scientifically certify the innovative properties of the new flexible polyurethane foam DryFlex®.

The collaboration with the Industrial Chemistry and Materials Department – Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, allowed to carry out a series of comparative and explicative analysis of different type, in order to certify the innovative peculiarities of Thermofresh, “the polyurethane that refreshes when in contact with human body”.

Its revolutionary ability derives from PCMs, actually microcapsules able to absorb heat and that manage to reduce the superficial body temperature between 2 and 4 Celsius degrees.


The physical process realized by Pelma S.p.A. thanks to the Controlled Predispersion System, allows the injection of PCMs inside the polyurethane. Inside Thermofresh, PCMs are solid capsules at room-temperature, but when they enter in contact with a warmer body, they liquefy inside, by absorbing heat taken from the body.

In this way the polyurethane obtains anextraordinary ability of maintaining fresh, reducing the annoying phenomenon of excessive heating from contact. Differently, when the temperature decreases, PCMs solidify releasing heat previously gathered. This process is completely reversible and it remains constant during the time.

In fact, Thermofresh polyurethane is distinguishable even because of its hygienical characteristic thanks to the Ultrafreshspecial treatment that, unlike other bacteria-resistant products on the market,  takes advantage of the silver natural ability of holding out the bacteria proliferation, that is among the primary origins of asthma and allergic illnesses, and molds, the main cause of bad smell and degradation, managing in this way to preserve freshness and hygienical conditions of polyurethane during the time.

Thermofresh is a successful synergy between the refreshing effect of PCMs, which reduces the body perspiration, and theUltrafresh treatment, that makes the material highly hygienic and comfortable.

The application fields of Thermofresh exclusive polyurethane foams are different: not only mattresses or pillows, but even upholsteries, sport and technical clothes, footwear, medical sector, packaging.

Interview to Prof. Massimiliano Lanzi (Industrial Chemistry Department «Toso Montanari» Bologna University) at the Pelma open day at the Triennale of Milan (Pdf)

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