How Polyurethane was born

otto bayerThe discovery of Polyurethane Foam is attributed to Otto Bayer, who obtained this new material for the first time in 1937, while he was trying to obtain a new polymer in the Bayer laboratories in Germany.



Thanks to its extraordinary mix of lightness, softness, elasticity, pleasantness at touch and resistance to strain, the flexible polyurethane foam is a material that finds a great purpose in several productive sectors, from furniture upholstery to cars interiors, from sporting goods to packaging until the production of mattresses and pillows, which represents one of the most important and significant applications.

The micro cellular structure of the flexible polyurethane foam allows the air exchange and the humidity dispersion, both preventing the arising of all those allergies linked to the proliferation of mites and bacteria and allow the human body to enjoy a natural transpiration.

For these reasons the polyurethane represents an anallergic and hygienically safe compound, and an ideal material for the production of mattresses and pillows.

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