A new generation of innovative materials

CrossPollination represents the meeting point between the over-sixty years of Felicerossi’s history in the design world, characterized by a constant propensity at the innovation of the product and at the continuing report with international designers, and the great activity of research which characterizes the international companies leader in the production of flexible polyurethane foam. The project constitutes an occasion to see the employment of a new generation of polyurethanes, particularly innovative for the furnishings sector. Thanks to the nanotechnologies, thermal polyurethanes, Thermofresh, can absorb the heat generated by the human body and avoid the heating during the sitting time. Viscoelastic polyurethanes are materials created at the beginning for the aerospace industry and later developed for other sectors, able to offer particular comfort conditions and slow memory.

High resilience polyurethanes offer excellent performances in terms of lift and possibility of creating structural parts inside the padded product.

A new way of living your work space

CrossPollination is born from the will of creating a new generation of padding and furniture accessories, particularly conceived to respond to the new necessities of the contemporary living and working: flexible and dynamic products, able to assimilate numerous innovative functionalities, offering a new way of living domestic and working spaces that best combines shape and function.

The contemporary office becomes a place less and less permanent and more and more a dynamic space of meeting where different operative requirements weave together, from the defined place that preserves the privacy to the open and convivial space.