Inside the Matter

The arrival of a new material opens original prospects for the planning and the realization of innovative products able to improve the stabilized connection between man and the objects around him. Inside the Matter tells about the launch of a new material available for the world of design, a new generation of polyurethanes, that’s the result of a long path of research which starts from polymers up to the products of the contemporary living.

The flexible polyurethane foam is mixed with particular micro spheres called PCM (Phase Change Materials) that absorb heat deriving from human body, maintaining stable the inner temperature of the material. In this way the material obtains the extraordinary ability of maintaining the room-temperature avoiding the heating due to the contact with the human body for an extended period of time.

Inside the Project

The preparation project is developed throughout the idea of reproducing in macro-scale a cross section of the leading material of the exhibition. While entering the exhibition, the visitor metaphorically becomes a tiny observer of the material selected, on whose surface the spherical particles emerge, conferring special qualities to the material.

A fantastic effect of volumes, obtained from the progression of cylindrical elements realized in shaped polyurethane, creates a plastic location where the visitor walks through an exciting journey inside the matter.

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