he last 12th of January saw the conclusion of the second edition of  MCI Contest 2014, the international competition, promoted by Material ConneXion Italia and by Wired (officially presented on 18th May 2014 at the Wired Next Fest 2014 at the Natural Science Museum) oriented to professionals and students, Italians and foreigners, with the aim to be an incubator of concept, ideas and projects for the application of innovative and sustainable materials in the fields of design, engineering, architecture and fashion.

Participants had to develop an inedited project, considering the application of one or more materials among the 7 ones selected by Material ConneXion Italia.


Thermofresh® by Pelma  earned a great success. This polyurethane foam is able to absorb body heat in excess, gather and release it in succession when necessary, thanks to the content of PCM (Phase Change Materials):

  • 16 among the 67 projects saw it as protagonist (24%)
  • 1850 in 7700 votes (24%)
  • 2 projects among the first 10 ones and 1 project among the first 3 ones
  • Special prize of the technical jury

The award ceremony with the collection of the prizes for the 10 final projects and the special prize of the Technical Jury, will be held on Wednesday 15th April at 18:30 in the Superstudio Più garden, in Via Tortona, 27 – Milan, inside the Materials Village event.