SUSTAINABILITY ENGAGEMENT FuoriSalone 2023 – SuperDesign – Gallery area – via Tortona 27, Milano

Sustainability Engagement is an installation that addresses the theme of the Circular Economy in a new and functional way: a large platform on the ground creates a dynamic volume made with blocks of shaped Polyurethane Foam. Even the large wall is resolved with shaped elements in variable section Polyurethane which give three-dimensionality and dynamism to the entire installation and contain the space dedicated to the story of the production chain that starts from Shell’s Bio-Circular Polyol, obtained from the recycling of used oil from the kitchen, with which Polyurethane is produced with the same physical-mechanical characteristics as the Polyurethane obtained with purely fossil raw materials, which, in the end, generates a sustainable mattress.

The first eco-sustainable polyurethane foam mattress

Shell Chemicals Europe B.V., Pelma and Gruppo Industriale Buoninfante investigate theopportunity to produce a mattress from used cooking oils through mass balance principles,celebrated with an installation at Superstudio in via Tortona
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