Dryflex, the first “hydrophobic” flexible polyurethane foam

BACK 12 Site of the Connecting Landscapes exposition where DryFlex, the first hydrophobic polyurethane, was presented in collaboration with Fast;

Inside the project we pointed out the collaboration with ShellUltrafresh and Bologna University.

During the six days of exhibition there was a flow of over 7.000 visitors. On Wednesday evening more than 200 peopleparticipated to an event on invitation. Over 50 press releases were given up and then there was a follow-up of over 250 references among journalists and headlines.

The project developed through a sequence of three connected landscapes which represented three ways to interpret and live the new system of Joint upholstery.

Three spaces which reflected the flexibility of use for Joint throughout an external courtyarda hotel lounge bar and a partial view of a greenhouse-garden. Three sceneries proposed through an elastic sheet that wrapped the shapes creating an amazing trick of lights, shadows and volumes.