WINDOW DISPLAY – Foamy Fantasy is a themed installation that highlights the sensitivity and the dialogue between design and industry.

The installation is composed of many different objects and concepts, using design as a communication tool. Showing how many different things can be created starting from a single material, our Flexible Polyurethane Foam, the installation has its focus on polyurethane industrial waste.

The installation is a set of four different works.

Mucchio” highlights the archetype of the waste heap. It’s a representation of a corner where matter is accumulated before being discarded. From the heap, a piece with the perfect density has been selected to become the COMFORT/UNCOMFORT backrest. The very light blue color wasn’t on purpose, it comes from the company’s colors archive made to recognize all the specific densities. The polyurethane scraps become a fundamental part of the chair.

Tappeto” combines all the company knowledge in the cutting process. Recovered from the mattress production line, these cuts are originally developed to create the perfect comfort. Made of colors and shades, Tappeto plays with different densities and overlapping textures. A graphic and decorative composition enhances the beauty of the cuts, through a process of layering which gives an aesthetic value to the waste.

Blocco” shows the purity of the material. This time a handmade work of tearing has been experimented in contrast with the perfection of surfaces created in the industrial process. Blocco paradoxically brings the material to an artificial raw state. The result is a set of regular, single-material modules, with an architectural and sculptural effect.

Minerale” is the most irregular element, made from scraps of the highest density among polyurethane foams. It reflects its chemical composition but it’s aesthetically opposite to its original state. A symbolic object with the appearance of a mineral, representing the beauty and preciousness of a waste that has become a gem.