Designed by Studio Finemateria, the installation “Vita Lenta” explores the ways in which people experience an exhibition related to editorial and research design.

Vita Lenta, in collaboration with Isola Design District, takes over the entire Piazza Città di Lombardia to present an exhibition project in a public space where individuality and collectivity are cohesive and part of a single movement. A sensorial installation and an inclusive set-up that hosts 16 selected international designers, showcasing projects linked by a similar, slow and well-narrated creative process.

The poplar plywood structure recreates the perimeter of a real room where one can enter by taking off one’s shoes. In keeping with Japanese tradition, the Getabako, or shoe cabinet, is an indispensable element in the entrance, and in the IMA we find it in the niches on the four sides. Inside, an interpretation of the Japanese tatami made of 50VE CM Polyurethane Viscoelastic Foam by Pelma S.p.A. is intended to provoke the visitor, holding him back and prolonging the slow experience of visiting and understanding the project. In the centre is an exhibition platform with the designer’s project.