Opificio 31

Inside Poliuretano è project were presented three situations per theme:

  • Polyurethane in the office world: a collection of upholstery and furnishing accessories for the working place created in flexible polyurethane foam, produced by Felicerossi;
  • Polyurethane for the contract sector: concentrated on upholstery for public spaces, created in collaboration with SpHaus;
  • Polyurethane in the domestic furnishing: a new collection of sofas and house accessories made in polyurethane, produced in collaboration with Giovannetti Collezioni.

Each project was a different event, a particular way of using some flexible polyurethane foam typologies that allowed the producers to freely choose among the different typologies of polyurethanes creating new innovative products.

The result was the promotion of polyurethane as a well-advanced material, incentivizing in a virtuous way other producers to use polyurethane foams for new applications.