Roseena – Personal garden nest

Politecnico di Milano – Design School

Graduation Thesis of:

Corrado Andrea Bertoli


Werner Stefano Villa


Gabriella Zuco

Werner Stefano Villa

Stefano Gigliotti

Carlo Vezzoli

Barbara Del Curto

Visualizza Progetto

Roseena is a nest, a real garden turret, in which you can find refuge, isolate from the daily stress, change your point of view and reduce the problems that grip you during the day, simply watching them from above. The cushions’ shape and disposition remind to the roses petals, and these cushions can be removed to be repositioned and also for their cleaning. Their internal composition consists in 3 levels made in 3 different typologies of polyurethane foam by Pelma S.p.A. that, in 15cm of thickness, offer great qualities of softness and identation load deflection.

The lowest level (thickness 50 mm), is made of 40UP The Foam polyurethane, 40 kg/m3 of density and 12 kPa of hardness; the halfway level (thickness 80 mm) is made of 28SE Everflex with density of 28 kg/m3  and 4.1 kPa of hardness, while the first level is made of 50VE SlowEmotion Viscoelastic Polyurethane of 30 mm of thickness.